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    Beginning of a New Era

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    Dream Catcher By Caparo

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    Now Offering More Than a Bed

Introducing the World of Luxury Mattresses;       Designed and Hand Crafted in UK

Lord Swraj Paul

The Rt Hon. Lord Swraj Paul of Marylebone, PC Chairman and Founder Caparo Group
When I first started the Group in 1968, with one small factory in Huntingdon, I had no clear vision of what we would eventually achieve - it was the last thing on my mind! And so it remains today. The Caparo story is one of friendship and gratitude - and is forward-looking. We have demonstrated our confidence in the manufacturing industry and we will continue to do so. Even in difficult times and adverse conditions, managers with skill and a belief in their team will always be able to prosper. Caparo is more than a successful business enterprise- it is a story of people, of values and of human effort. Above all, it is a story of faith and family. I have always believed that hard work and integrity far outweigh any shortcuts to success. In Caparo it is these principles that bind the global Caparo team together. The future of Caparo is in safe hands. I am delighted at the magnificent job my son Angad is doing as Chief Executive. However I will always look to the little girl, my daughter Ambika, who was the inspiration for the vision that became Caparo.

Lord Swraj Paul

The Hon. Angad Paul Chairman Caparo India
We continue to evolve and integrate Caparo's activities across the world. A close relationship between our businesses globally gives us the opportunity to seek new and innovative ways to improve our operations, services and products. Our outstanding management, working hard to find new opportunities, sharing information and knowledge between teams, enable us to constantly develop and improve. We believe in building strong relationships with our customers and suppliers and as a result we are able to provide them with an international solution - bringing them the benefits of the marriage between east and west. Our strong foundations of family ownership give us the opportunity to take the longer term view and invest in new companies, products and directions, all of which provide Caparo with the momentum to move forward and continue to grow and succeed. Whatever the market, we approach it with the same enthusiasm, determination and truth; it is these beliefs that have made Caparo the Group it is today. It is in this spirit, we are extremely delighted to bring high end British Designed Luxury Mattresses to India.
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