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One of the main causes of sleep disturbance is overheating in bed.  We use only natural fibers in our fillings because they help to regulate body temperature during sleep and promote a restful night


Cotton-Soft and cool

Soft and highly absorbent, meaning it is good at wicking away moisture which cools the body down, it is also durable and hygienic and will give many years of comfort.  It is mainly found near the top of a fillings mix.


British wool-Springy and warm

Wool is well known for its warmth and ability to regulate body temperature; our UK sourced wool is durable, natural and springy.  It is mainly found near the top of a fillings mix but can be used much lower to bind hair together in hand teased mixes.


Indian cotton-Luxurious and cool

Longer length finer stands make Indian cotton the softest cotton used in mattresses.  It is even more effective at wicking moisture away so improving the cooling properties of the mattress and has a superior feel to ordinary cotton.  It is mainly found near the top of a fillings mix.


Linen-Soft and cool

Linen produced from flax is superbly resilient and comfortable with the additional benefit of improving moisture management, helping to keep the mattress clean, fresh and dry.


Hemp-Resilient and durable

Many times stronger and more absorbent than cotton.  It’s durability makes it a natural and greener alternative to man made resilient fibres.


Mohair-Soft and luxurious

Mohair is a very fine fibre and much like wool regulates body temperature.  This fibre has a smooth surface which gives a luxurious feel.


Pashmina wool-Luxurious and warm

This is a type of cashmere wool. Fibres are finer, making them luxuriously soft and used in the hand teased fillings.


Angora wool-Luxurious and warm Known for it’s soft fine fibres and silky texture.  Much warmer than wool, due to the hollow core.


Fine cashmere wool-Luxurious and warm

A super soft and smooth luxurious fibre with similar properties to wool but with added opulence.  This fibre is used to bind hand teased fillings.


Silk-Strong, soft and good for temperature regulation

Silk is the strongest natural fibre yet it is absorbent and soft.  Used to bind hand teased mixes together, it is found low down in the fillings mix.



Compliment your new Caparo bed by selecting one of our headboards, in a style, design and colour to suit your taste.  Available as a deep headboard or on strutts.


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