More than just a bed

Now available in the Indian market, CAPARO combine traditional mattress making techniques, honed and perfected by craftsmen over more than a century of bed making in the UK, with innovation; pioneering new spring technologies and blending unique natural loose fillings such as fine Indian cotton and springy English wool, to make these CAPARO mattresses the best that money can buy.

  • • As we all know, natural materials such as wool, Indian cotton and cashmere perform better than man made, synthetic fibres. Natural materials not only feel better, but are better for you and your mattresses.
  • • They create the perfect micro-climate within the mattress keeping you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter-and allow the mattress to breathe. It is for these reasons that we use exclusively natural fillings in the production of our beds.

Each stage of the process has been examined and refined, to ensure that your ultimate bed is made to the highest possible standards.


  • • The collaboration of British wool and luxurious natural components from India not only provides the ultimate sleeping experience, it also helps us guarantee the highest quality of fillings and reduces the impact we have on the environment in the production of our beds.
  • • Pocket springs are the sign of a fine mattress. We at Caparo Wire have improved upon the traditional pocket spring by using our own award winning spring innovations, Sensorfil and HD, to thoroughly support you and cradle you in the comfort zone while you sleep.

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