Have Perfect Support

Each Caparo mattress is created around the unique Sensorfil pocket spring system designed to adjust to any individual, delivering extra support when and where you need it, throughout the life of the mattress.  Luxury pocket springs are individual small springs housed in separate fabric pockets.  The springs work independently, responding to individual body weight.


As a spring is at its softest at the very top of its convolution, High Density captures this and enables more springs to support the body giving more of the initial soft feel. 


This not only gives a superior feel, but by distributing your weight between a greater number of springs, the body is better supported-reducing the build up of pressure points that can cause sleep disturbance.  With every layer of HD that is added, these properties are increased, giving a deeper more luxurious feel.


Together, these pocket spring technologies combine to create the unique HD pocket spring system; providing the best possible responsive support, while providing luxurious gentle comfort and active pressure relief.


Perfect Support for Perfect Sleeping Posture

Good sleeping posture is important for health and wellbeing, after all we spend around a third of our lives in bed. poor sleeping posture often leads to serious ongoing back and neck damage and a reduction in sleep quality.


Too soft. spine out of alignment, spine bows downwards creating pressure around the
hips and lower back.




Too firm. spine bows upwards creating pressure around shoulders and knees.




Correct posture. spine is neutral and in line. heavier parts of the body, the knees, hips and
shoulders sink deeper into the mattress and are correctly supported by the hD spring system,
to ensure a fantastic night's sleep.G



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